Jeg er fulltids billedkunstner, og jeg arbeider hovedsakelig med akrylmalerier på pleksi og lerret.
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I am a visual artist working fulltime painting acrylic on plexi glass and canvas.
Please contact me if you got requests regarding orders, reservations, prices, purchases, shipping, exhibitions
or anything else related to my visual art via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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My pictures are coloristic, and I think of them as non-figurative paintings and abstract considerations.
Some of the images have a graphical quality - while other paintings have their origins in the fascination of the open landscape and natural lines.


The paintings are painted in a reversed fashion on the backside of the plexi plates, and are worked up backwards into thin layers - the opposite of paintings on canvas. To paint backwards is an exercise in mastering layers of paint layers. The layers of paint covering over previously painted layers, making sure I always have to make crucial provisions on what to keep.

The smooth, shiny surface of the plexi plates adds shine and energy into the colors – and the works are perceived as delicate and with a very modern touch.

Many of my paintings equal the watercolor technique, where the main point is the complex relationship between the seemingly random and carefully planned. 

This contrast emerges in how the painting is made ​​purely technical and the finished result. The finished results are paintings that look as if they are done randomly, with a high degree of free movement; flow of color and composition, and with different layers of color or field that is difficult to define the order of.


My paintings are in the abstract tradition with its simplified forms and strong palette, they have a freshness that fits under the abstract painting's direction, they are reminiscent of graphic forms or sculptures, or of a micro / macrocosm.

So we can say that the paintings have a contrast in relation to its origin from an art historical perspective, since they have characteristics of both the major lines of abstract art: spontaneous, expressive and intuitive direction on one side - and the more specific abstract form, with clear graphic qualities on the other side.
The list is long of artists that I draw inspiration from, since I look for different elements from different artistic expressions.


I present a series of paintings I call Earth & Beyond. The series is a collection of paintings that make a small journey from the depths of the ocean to outer space. They describe the beauty and connection between different sceneries that fall into the category of micro and macro worlds, and where the meanings of the universal cycles are central.

I enter different terrains which may have similarities and which associate with one another in their structure and appearance, and which is part of a cycle. I find that life under the microscope or magnifying glass has similarities to the atmosphere or to ocean life. Different impressive life cycles have something in common in the way they are built up - from plankton in the deep ocean to the star dust in outer space.

The paintings from this series are colorful and vibrant, which play on purity and beauty. The landscapes are abstract and staged.

I work with an abstract and staged approach to these cycles, centering around one or a few items in each painting. The key is to touch the wholeness of a system where everything is interdependent from a distance. The question of the significance of circulation is central to the work - and I am searching to find answers to the question through paintings.